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Fund Token DAO

What is FTDAO?

At its core, FTDAO is the innovative crypto initiative empowering investors to champion sustainable energy! As a utility token within a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), it leverages blockchain technology— a highly secure, decentralized system for storing information as a public ledger, maintained by a network of nodes.

Beyond the tech, FTDAO embodies a mission of sustainability and collaboration, driven by an enthusiastic community of like-minded individuals just like you! Join us and learn more.

01 – Getting Started

Choose your wallet

To use, trade, or hold FTDAO, you’ll need a digital wallet. Since FTDAO is a BEP20 token operating on the Binance blockchain, any compatible digital wallet will work, though we recommend using MetaMask for the best experience.

02 – Get Some FTDAO

How to become an FTDAO token holder?

A popular way to get your hands on FTDAO is through an exchange. With many exchanges available, you can easily swap fiat money for cryptocurrency or exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Alternatively, you can register for upcoming Airdrops to receive a nominal amount of FTDAO, which allows you to participate in the voting process.

03 – Join the Community

Participate in Vote

Once you have your FTDAO tokens, you can participate in decision-making. Holders of FTDAO tokens can vote on various decisions, ensuring a decentralized and inclusive approach to governing energy projects, new technologies, and the sustainable energy process.

FTDAO Founder

Arpan Mondal, CEO,

“FTDAO is more than a token; it represents a ground-breaking strategy to make sustainable energy investments more accessible, transparent, and community-driven. Holders of FTDAO tokens can vote on decisions, providing for a decentralized and inclusive approach to energy project governance. The FTDAO token will fund investments in green energy technologies and energy production to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.”



By integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into blockchain projects, stakeholders can construct more sustainable, inclusive, and transparent systems that generate lasting value for both businesses and society.

Net Zero

“Net zero oil and gas” refers to the concept of achieving a balance between the emissions produced from extracting and using oil and gas resources and the amount of greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere ultimately resulting in a net-zero carbon footprint.


Renewable energy encompasses diverse sources like solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power, offering sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. Solar photovoltaic and wind turbines lead the sector, with declining costs and increasing adoption worldwide.


Leveraging FTDAO to fund your energy projects or new technologies provides a streamlined and decentralized approach to sourcing capital. By accessing our ecosystem, you tap into a community-driven platform where token holders contribute to decision-making processes.


Distributed Decision Making

Distributed Decision Making

FTDAO: Redefining DeFi decision-making with transparency, inclusivity, and immutable ownership. Join the revolution today!

Revolutionizing Decision-Making

Revolutionizing Decision-Making

FTDAO transforms DeFi decision-making with transparent governance, immutable ownership, and inclusive processes, revolutionizing the financial ecosystem.