FTDAO : Fund Token DAO

Fund Token DAO, abbreviated as FTDAO, is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) utility token that empowers investors to actively participate in the future of sustainable energy.

FTDAO is designed to serve as a digital asset that facilitates decision-making and investment in green energy technologies, net zero oil, electric vehicles (EV), and environmental, social & governance (ESG) projects. FTDAO is not just a token; it is a revolutionary approach towards making sustainable energy investments more accessible, transparent, and community-driven.

Core Focus



Net Zero


Decentralized Autonomous
Organization (DAO)

FGT will use funds raised to invest in the development of green energy related technologies and energy production. 

Governance Token

The Fund Token DAO will make decisions through a formal defined governance process involving proposals and community votes.

Immutable Ownership

By virtue of operating on the blockchain, the FTDAO will represent immutable ownership and provide for transparent distribution that will make Fund Token DAO ideally suited to distributed decision making.


transparent distribution


immutable ownership


distributed decision making

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