FTDAO is currently providing token airdrops to all users, enabling them to engage with the DAO token and participate in on-chain voting discussions regarding the future of sustainable energy.

Set up MetaMask Wallet

FTDAO operates as a BEP20 token. To participate in the on-chain vote, you need to possess some tokens in your MetaMask or digital wallet, serving as a storage for your cryptocurrencies.


Oil remains a significant energy source for the world and will be for the forseeable future.

Continued research and development into new technologies, such as advanced carbon utilization technologies, and alternative fuels, can help the oil and gas industry transition to a net-zero carbon future.

Fund Token DAO

FTDAO creates unique investment opportunites in oil and gas projects for all FTDAO token holders

Energy Investment

FTDAO token holders allow them to participate in investment decision-making processes related to oil and gas projects.

Fund Token DAO

FTDAO Overview

Token Name: FTDAO

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Total Circulation: 239,501,839

Token Creation: 23rd August 2023

Token Type: BEP-20 token

Exchange Listings – AZBIT, TOKPIE

Trading Pair – FTDAO/USDT

FTDAO Token List Price – US$0.01