ST. VINCENT & GRENADINES, Mar 1, 2024 — FTDAO is proud to announce its inclusion on, the premier Blockchain Data Platform. Founded in 2018, emerged in response to the burgeoning growth of new altcoins, aiming to establish the most extensive repository of blockchain-related data.’s mission is to democratize access to blockchain data for both retail and institutional investors. The platform achieves this by curating and presenting a vast array of data in a user-friendly manner. Presently, boasts a comprehensive database, featuring over 20,000 coins, 1,100+ exchanges, 150+ wallets, and 50+ blockchain companies.

By integrating FTDAO onto, users gain access to critical information about the project, further enriching their investment decision-making process. FTDAO’s presence on underscores its commitment to transparency and accessibility within the blockchain ecosystem.

FTDAO, expressed excitement about the collaboration with “We are delighted to join forces with in our mission to empower investors with valuable data. This partnership reaffirms our dedication to fostering trust and transparency within the blockchain community. continually validates the accuracy and reliability of the data showcased on its platform, ensuring users can make informed decisions with confidence. This commitment to data integrity aligns seamlessly with FTDAO’s principles, further solidifying the synergy between the two entities.”

About Fund Token DAO 

Fund Token DAO, abbreviated as FTDAO, is a utility token issued by a decentralized autonomous organization that allows investors to participate actively in the future of sustainable energy. It is intended as a digital asset to aid decision-making and investment in green energy technologies, net zero oil and gas, electric vehicles, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) projects.

FTDAO is more than a token; it represents a ground-breaking strategy to make sustainable energy investments more accessible, transparent, and community-driven. Holders of FTDAO tokens can vote on decisions, providing for a decentralized and inclusive approach to energy project governance.  The FTDAO token will fund investments in green energy technologies and energy production to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.”

Token: Fund Token DAO

SOURCE: Fund Token DAO