Leveraging FTDAO tokens to fund your energy projects or new sustainable technologies provides a streamlined and decentralized approach to sourcing capital. By accessing the FTDAO ecosystem, you tap into a community-driven platform where token holders contribute to project funding and decision-making processes. This model promotes transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, ensuring that projects align ESG principles. Through FTDAO, you gain access to a diverse pool of investors committed to supporting sustainable energy solutions and fostering innovation.

Fractional Ownership Opportunities in the Energy Sector

FTDAO addresses the challenge of trading fractional interests in energy projects. Through FTDAO, token holders have the first opportunity to access fractional ownership in energy projects, eliminating barriers associated with traditional methods. This innovative solution enhances liquidity, transparency, and accessibility in the energy investment space, empowering investors to participate in a diverse range of projects while promoting greater efficiency and inclusivity within the market.

FTDAO Funding Mechanism

If you’re seeking funding for your energy project or have a new sustainable energy technology that’s in need of financial support, FTDAO presents an innovative solution. With FTDAO, you gain access to a decentralized platform that facilitates fundraising for energy initiatives in a transparent and efficient manner.

Access FTDAO Community

FTDAO provides a streamlined process for raising funds, enabling you to focus on advancing your energy project or technology while benefiting from the support and expertise of the FTDAO community. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or a budding entrepreneur, FTDAO offers a level playing field where your ideas and innovations can thrive.


FTDAO token holders have the opportunity to participate in our DAO, where they can vote not only on projects but also engage in discussions about the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy technologies. Join us and be part of the green energy revolution.

Fund Token DAO

FTDAO creates unique investment opportunites in energy projects for all FTDAO token holders

Energy Investment

FTDAO token holders allow them to participate in investment decision-making processes related to energy projects.

Fund Token DAO

FTDAO Overview

Token Name: FTDAO

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Total Circulation: 239,501,839

Token Creation: 23rd August 2023

Token Type: BEP-20 token

Exchange Listings – AZBIT, TOKPIE

Trading Pair – FTDAO/USDT

FTDAO Token List Price – US$0.01