Governance tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that allow token holders to vote on the direction of the blockchain project.  The purpose of governance tokens is to decentralize the decision-making and give the token holders voting rights in how the project is run.



FTDAO is a governance token, where the token holders can vote on which projects FTDAO should be investing in with a focus on green and renewable energy, energy production and EV projects. 

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Voting Space

  • FTDAO has created a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Voting Space
  • FTDAO Voting Space is compatible with BEP20 tokens.
  • The parameter of the vote is weighted by the amount of tokens an individual token holder owns.  The more tokens a holder owns, the more voting power this person has.
  • FTDAO will propose energy related projects for the token to invest in.
  • All holders of FTDAO will be entitled to vote on the investments to be made by the Fund Governance Token.
  • A 3 day time line will be available for everyone to vote.
  • Every token holder will be able to login in with their Metamask/Coinbase/Digital Wallet in order to verifiy how many tokens each token holder has and then they can vote.
  • The FTDAO Voting Space system then provides an audited verifiable result which is hashed on the blockchain to create 100% transparency with the process.

Fund Governance Token Core Focus



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