Our Experts

We pride ourselves on the variety and depth of our team’s expertise, which ranges from smart contract developers to the energy blockchain space to the new world of cryptocurrency

Arpan Mondal – CEO

Arpan owns and operates Megaverse Defi, a Web3 consultancy business, where he creates, runs, and maintains scalable application code for clients. He has extensive knowledge in AI, NFTs, smart contracts, and blockchain technologies.

In 2023, Arpan established Governance Ventures LLC in SVG, and in that same year he unveiled Fund Governance Token (FTDAO), a Utility Token designed to aid in the switch to sustainable energy.

Alastair Caithness – Energy Blockchain Advisor

Alastair is a recognized leader in the development of asset-backed, blockchain tokens.  He was a co-author of the first financial journal research paper on “Finance infrastructure through blockchain based tokenization.

Alastair has 20 years experience in the energy sector and is the CEO of Energy Tokens & Ziyen. In 2020 Caithness was appointed Blockchain Policy Advisor for a political organization to develop a future economy based on digital assets through tokenization of the government’s assets/substantial resources into a usable currency.

Tushar Mukhopadhyay – Marketing Consultant

Tushar is an experienced marketing consultant with a proven track record of delivering strategic marketing solutions in the digital and crypto space.

Tushar is a founding member of the diSed DAO troupe, which operates as an NFT-gated investment DAO and provides a platform for talent recruiting, community building and AI-powered resume creation.

Subham Surana – Community Advisor

Subham’s role is to provide consultancy to develop, grow and engage the Fund Governance Token Community. He has extensive experience of building and developing online community tools and is an expert in social media marketing with expertise using a variety of platforms and technologies, including Discord, Telegram, Slack, WhatsApp Community, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Canva, and Google Analytics.

Jackson Palaka – Blockchain Developer

Jackson is a highly skilled blockchain software engineer. Expert in  jQuery, JSON, Solidity, ReactJS, NodeJS, JavaScript, Golang, and Python. Extensive knowledge in smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and data structures.  

Proficient frontend developer with a passion for creating exceptional user experiences through innovative web design and responsive development. Adept at turning design concepts into fully functional, userfriendly web applications. 

Romit Roy – Ambassador

Romit’s role is to disseminate information about FTDAO within the blockchain community through presentations and workshops.  Cultivate robust connections with community members, actively responding to inquiries.

He also will produce compelling content such as blog posts, articles, and enhance the project’s visibility on various social media platforms.