FTDAO is a governance token with a clearly defined utility. Token holders can vote on
which projects FGT should be investing in with a focus on green and renewable
energy, energy production and EV projects. For each of those areas the company will
seek to present investment options that adhere to ESG principles and protocols.

Defined Governance Process

All holders of FTDAO will be entitled to vote on the investments to be made by the Fund Governance Token. The more tokens a holder owns, the more voting power this person has.

FTDAO token overview

Token Name: FTDAO

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Total Circulation: 235,547,722

First Exchange Listing – TOKPIE

Trading Pair – FTDAO/USDT

FTDAO Token List Price – US$0.01

Fund Governance Token Core Focus



net zero


Vote on investing in the future of renewable energy, oil & gas, electric vehicles and ESG projects

The holders of FGT will have one vote for each token. If the FGT holders vote in favor of any project, the FGT holders will have a prorata right to invest in such project.



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