In the latest video for the blog we provide a demonstration of FTDAO Onchain DAO voting system for token holders.

Snapshot is a voting platform that allows DAOs and DeFi protocols to vote Onchain without gas fees. All FTDAO token holders are eligible to vote. A DAO is a decentralized organization governed by smart contracts on a blockchain. These contracts encode rules and processes for decision-making, including voting on proposals.

Once a proposal is submitted, token holders within the DAO are typically given a period to vote on it. Each token represents voting power, and the weight of each vote is proportional to the number of tokens held by the voter. Platforms like Snapshot provide a user-friendly interface for token holders to participate in voting. Users connect their wallets (which hold their tokens) to the platform and can then view open proposals and cast their votes.

One of the key benefits of on-chain DAO voting is transparency and auditability. Since all voting activity is recorded on the blockchain, anyone can verify the results and ensure that the voting process is fair and secure.

Understanding FTDAO

FTDAO operates as a decentralised token on the Balance Smart Chain (BSC). Its key features include decentralisation, smart contract technology, and community governance. Traders interested in FTDAO can typically access it through decentralised exchanges (DEX) supporting BSC-based tokens, using compatible cryptocurrency wallets for transactions.

FTDAO embodies a commitment to a greener, more sustainable world. By directing investments towards green energy, net-zero oil, electric vehicles, and ESG projects, FTDAO leads the charge in reshaping the financial landscape. Its revolutionary approach, characterised by accessibility, transparency, and community-driven decision-making, underscores its significance in the global sustainability movement. As environmental challenges continue to mount, FTDAO’s role in pioneering sustainable investments becomes increasingly vital. In essence, FTDAO represents not just a token, but a catalyst for transformative change in crypto finance.

Token: Fund Token DAO

Fund Token DAO (FTDAO) is a BEP20 altcoin that represents a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

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